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My mission is to to provide high-quality,
 personable solutions in an ever-changing housing market.

Amber Jones

About Me

Amber Jones has been in the real estate lending industry since the summer of 2002. She began her journey at Kinetic Mortgage, formerly Kinetic Premier Lending, as a loan processor at 16 years old when her mom, and lead mortgage broker, started the company. As a young girl, she enjoyed paperwork and loved pretending to work from a home office. She would type-up pretend letters on a typewriter and loved helping her Mom however she could. It was mostly stapling application packages and stuffing envelopes, but she was thrilled to do it.

When the opportunity arrived for Amber to finally live her "dream" of working alongside her mom, she immediately took full advantage of it. She coordinated her schedule during her senior year in high school to finish her day by 1:00 pm, so she could work part-time every afternoon to gain experience in the real estate lending industry.

During Amber's final semester of her senior year, she took a real estate course at Cypress College. She was intruiged with the real estate industry, and this is where she learned her life's passion. At 18, and after graduating high school, she completed and passed her real estate exam given by the California Department of Real Estate. When the time came to renew her real estate license, four years later, she was now a wife and new mother with a two-year-old son. Amber has always thrived for more than the bare minimum and remained determined. With little extra time to study, while focusing on her family and a career, she was relentless and pushed-through to receive her broker's license.

In 2010, an additional license/endorsement was required for any licensed real estate person or broker to originate loans. She successfully passed both the State and National exams to obtain her NMLS endorsement. The NMLS endorsement requires continuing education annually in order to maintain the endorsement to originate mortgage loans.

Since then, Amber and her husband have added two more kids to the mix, rescued two dogs (a boxer and cocker spaniel), and recently rescued a red-eared slider turtle.

Amber works strictly by referral and understands that the foundation of her business is built on lasting and meaningful relationships. She treats each present, past, and potential client as an individual, and not a number. She is passionate about serving others and helping each client to confidently walk through their journey of homeownership. She always makes time to answer any questions and address any and all concerns that may arise. Amber is consistently finding new ways to provide value to her clients every month. As much as she loves to receive referrals, she takes great pride in having established relationships with other business professionals whom she can refer her clients to.  

Amber's mission is to provide high-quality, personable solutions in an ever-changing housing market. She is never too busy for you or any of your referrals!

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